Fractal Visuals

Fractal Visuals Interview and Award Evaluation Criteria


Full name of your business: Fractal Visuals

Website URL:

Average Google Customer Rating (# of stars): 5/5 Stars

How long have you been in business? 2012

Do you own or rent your equipment? Own


What kind of equipment do you own (top 3 best pieces of gear)?

RED Helium 8K Cinema Camera ($45k+)

Freefly Systems MoVI ($8k+)

Freefly Systems ALTA 6 Drone ($18k+)


What is the average cost to produce a video?

$2500-5000 average but some have far exceeded $100k in value


What kinds of videos do you produce and what is your specialty?

Corporate: Company Overviews, Product, Testimonial, Advertisements, & Pitch Videos

Creative: Music Videos and any other kind of video content you can think of.


How long does it typically take you to complete a project from the time a client approaches you?

1 – 2 weeks based on project complexity


What is your differentiator from all of the other video companies in Austin?

We offer ultra-high quality, low-cost video production services, with rapid turnaround times.


How much of the video production process do you handle?

Everything from concept to completion.™


Do you have a Net Promoter score, how many people were surveyed, and if so, what is it?

+100 with 55%+ of customer base


How many clients have you serviced in total since start of business as of 2017?


How many videos have you produced in total since start of business as of 2017?



How long have you/your team been producing / creating videos?

Over 13 years.


Have you won any filmmaking awards? If so, can you please give a list?

We have been featured in SXSW, our founder John Byron Hanby IV was a semifinalist in the student Academy Awards. We have won best music video awards from Los Angeles Film Awards, Top Shorts Film Festival, Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival, and many more festivals worldwide.


Do you have any past press releases related to the above rewards you would like to share? If so, please provide links.


Do/ can you deliver your videos in 4k? If so, is there an additional cost over 1080p?

We can deliver in 4k, 6k, or even 8k (4x resolution of 4k!) at not additional cost. All of our videos are filmed in the highest resolution possible to ensure future-proofing.


Do you offer any services other than video production?

We offer website and marketing consultation on request but we have a 99% emphasis on video production.


What specific verticals do you specialize in?

We provide corporate video production services to all verticals designed to meet your specific business needs. We also produce a variety of creative works including music videos.

What are the top 5 things you do when working with a client who has never produced a video?

1. Educate them on the importance of video.

2. Walk them through the entire process.

3. Make sure all questions are answered.

4. Work with them to develop the video to ensure it’s exactly how they want it.

5. Help the client identify opportunities on how to leverage the video content to increase their market share.


Do you produce live action video, animation, or both?

Live Action only.


Are you FAA drone pilot certified / do you offer drone filming services?

Yes we are FAA certified and do offer top level aerial filming services with the best drones in the industry.